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TrueLife Financial Solutions

TrueLife is an Oregon based, family-oriented business, offering a large variety of insurance and financial solutions. We provide insurance and financial protection for all conceivable personal and family situations. We work around the clock to deliver a service built around the specific requirements of our clients. We offer the following insurance and financial solutions:  Accident, Annuities, Cancer, Critical Illness, Dental, Disability, Final Expense, Health (ACA Compliant Private), Hearing, Hospital, Legal, Life, Long Term Care, Medicare Supplements, Medicare Advantage (Q318), Pet, Prescription Drug Plans, and Vision.  Call us today if you are seeking quality and reliable insurance solutions.

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Life Insurance Needs Analysis

3 hours • FREE

An analysis of your life insurance needs is the BEST way assist a client with developing a suitable life insurance solution.  We work together to determine the need and I do the paperwork! 

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Travel Booklets for Seniors

1 hour • FREE

A travel booklet for Senior Clients when they travel out of state. The booklet provides information about area doctors, hospitals and pharmacies available to them when they travel. 

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Medicare Presentations

1 hour and up • FREE

An interactive educational session for small groups or organizations to ensure your insurance options are suitable for you or your family.

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Insurance Reviews

2 hours • FREE

A thorough review of old insurance policies to see if you have cash benefits owed to you or your family. We enjoy helping you find your money.


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Our Promise

When a client or a potential client reaches out to us, we promise to be here for them. We make time for our clients to have our undivided attention. We will research questions they have and provide researched and customized answers based on the client’s personal situation. Anything the client has a question about or needs assistance with, we want to help. Whether that means making house-calls, sitting with the client when they or their family are going through a hard time, or explaining every line in an insurance packet, we are here for our clients.