Feel confident. You have an advocate in your corner.
TrueLife is an Oregon based, family-oriented business, offering a large variety of insurance and financial solutions.

Clients Aged 65+

Senior Solutions

Senior solutions are solutions catered for clients aged 65+. These solutions include information about Medicare, medical services, prescription drug plans, Medicare supplements, and more.

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You have an advocate in your corner.

We ensure that the information we give our Medicare beneficiaries is up to date and correct. There is a lot of misinformation around and want to ensure that our clients have the best understanding of Medicare. Our primary focus for these clients is education.

Senior Solutions

Providing service beyond the sale

At TrueLIFE, our commitment extends beyond the sale. We go above and beyond by addressing all inquiries, introducing supplementary coverages, and highlighting future benefits for our clients.

Moreover, our presentations are conducted in a relaxed, pressure-free setting. We prioritize being advocates and advisors, putting our clients’ interests first without any expectation of commitment.

At our essence, TrueLIFE is dedicated to offering comprehensive Medicare education, empowering our clients with knowledge for informed decisions.

We want our clients to feel confident that they have an advocate in their corner.

Whenever they have questions, concerns, receive the information they want to double-check, the information they don’t understand, or just want to know more, they can always reach out to us, and we will get back to them in a timely manner.

We also want them to feel as appreciated, supported, and important as they truly are to us. We are looking out for their best interests.

Providing great customer service also means that we will meet our clients and potential clients where it is most convenient for them and where they feel the most comfortable. This means that we may meet in a coffee shop, their residence, their church, independent assistant community, or wherever else they may want to meet.

Solutions that work!

Before working with us, people tend to not understand that there isn’t just one solution that has to work for them, but that there can be many solutions based on their medical, financial, and overall situation. However, having the right insurance based on your life needs makes a difference. Over many years we have had the honor and privilege to help many people from all walks of life. We look forward to helping find the right solutions for you.

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It’s quite simple. Honestly, we love helping people. Having someone reach out to us gives us an opportunity to make their lives easier!

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Our commitment to you is clear: we're here when you need us. We dedicate time to listen and provide personalized answers to your questions. Whether it's clarifying insurance details, making house calls, or supporting you and your family during tough times, we're by your side, every step of the way.

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TrueLife is an Oregon based, family-oriented business, offering a large variety of insurance and financial solutions.

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