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TrueLife is an Oregon based, family-oriented business, offering a large variety of insurance and financial solutions.

Providing the best service

The TrueLIFE Team

Being part of our TrueLIFE team means that you are part of our family. You not only care about your coworkers, but also each of our clients. You go above and beyond trying to solve problems, assist your coworkers where needed and do your best, every single day.

We have high expectations for our agents and partners

We are known to provide the best service and we want to maintain that reputation.

Before bringing on a new team member, the prospective candidate is required to attend at least three events with our founder Alex Johnson. These events consist of one-on-one meetings, educational meetings, and retirement-related meetings. Alex observes how the prospective candidate handles being in these meetings, how much attention they pay, and how inquisitive they are.

A potential team member that seems bored by the work, or does not have an inherent curiosity, won’t be a good fit for the team. Our team members are responsive to, and excited to work with clients and we take the time to ensure this is a priority with all new members.

The TrueLIFE Team

Learn more about the TrueLIFE team, their biography, and what drives them to provide the best service in for all our clients across the United States.

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