About TrueLife

About TrueLife

TrueLife is the result of listening to you our clients; we started with offering medicare insurance but because of the immense amount of trust you have placed in us we have expanded our product offering to enable us to serve the whole person and your entire family. We hold our agents, and the companies we represent to the highest standard; it’s not uncommon for us to fire companies that don’t reach our high standards. We know that this may sound pretentious, but we believe it’s the only way to change the world of insurance to better serve you.

How it Started

After an established career in the insurance field, our founder Alex felt that he was ready for a bigger challenge, ready for a different kind of schedule and was frustrated with the current way insurance was being pushed on people that weren’t right for them. In fact, insurance sales often were in the best interest of the salesperson and not the client.

Alex took a few months off of work to discover himself and determine what was important to him. Thanks to the support of his amazing family and friends, he found himself writing a business plan and brainstorm ideas. Alex quickly realized that he wanted to stay in the insurance field (a long-term passion of his) and after much consideration and long nights, the idea and concept of TrueLife came to him.

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The Future of TrueLife

We continually evaluate and add additional team members, more service offerings to better serve you. Soon we will be expanding into commercial insurance, financial planning, and are even looking for a new physical location for our agents. In short, our growth and future look bright. We are honored and excited to continue sharing our journey with you our customers. One thing that will never change is our focus on listening to you