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When we try to decide on new solutions/services for our clients, we employ a multitude of strategies to vet these companies.

One of these strategies is employing so-called “Dummy Profiles”. These profiles make it look as though we are a retired client looking for a service. We wait for the service provider to reach out to us via this dummy profile and record our interaction with them. How was the customer service experience? Are the solutions/services offered reasonably priced? Were there any issues or concerns?

Another strategy is reaching out to current clients of these new solutions/services and gather feedback. Feedback can tell you a lot about an offered service or solution and can help us vet them even better.

In short, we put new solutions/services through a series of steps to ensure that we only offer the best to our clients.

Our service providers must:

  • We have very high standards when it comes to representing these new companies offering services or solutions. We want to ensure that they offer a household discount (for spouses/family), that the Customer Service is not just great, but fantastic and that they treat our agents with respect. 
  • TrueLife also researches how long these companies have been in business, how established they are and, last but certainly not least, how big their network is. 
  • These companies, if chosen, will represent TrueLife and we want to make sure that they not only understand what we stand for but also represent us in the best possible light.