What to expect

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What to expect

We noticed that most insurance agents and companies are married to a process we simply don’t agree with. Clients are rushed through making decisions and signing paperwork without completely understanding what they are signing.

People feel pressured to accept whatever the agents are telling them and are seemingly discouraged from asking questions. We don’t like that and refuse to do business this way.

Instead, We have a fine-tuned process based on collecting negative experiences we have had and making note of what we wish would have happened instead.

Most of us have been on both sides, selling insurance and buying insurance, and have a clear understanding of what makes for the best customer service and how to build lasting relationships.

Our Process

There are multiple reasons why our process is the best. To start, our clients know that with us they will be fully educated on their insurance coverage. If they have any questions or concerns, they can easily reach us, and if we need to meet face-to-face, they don’t have to worry about how to get to our office as we will gladly meet clients where it’s the most convenient for them.

Part of putting insurance education first also means that we are transparent in our interaction with our clients. We will help where we can, and if, for some reason, we can’t help or make certain changes to policies, we will explain exactly why and the reasons for it.

From a technical standpoint, our clients can be sure that their confidential information is secure with us. We use state of the art software to ensure that their personal and health information stays protected.

For our agents, we don’t track sales numbers or request that they meet a certain number each month. We are not in this to make a sale or meet a quota, we are doing this to provide the best possible solutions to our clients. We want to build long-term relationships with our clients and support them, as well as their families.

Last, but certainly not least, we are holding ourselves to a higher standard than anyone else, and we want to deliver. We strive for continuous improvement and want our clients to be proud of us.

What Does It Mean for You?

To our clients, this process represents trust. An incredible feeling to be able to trust that we have their back completely. Our clients aren’t just “numbers” to us, they are part of our family, part of our circle. Our clients can trust that we know them well and are able to make suggestions for their coverage not based on “trends”, but rather what works for them personally.

While our process may take longer than others, we take pride in the fact that we know our clients extremely well and that our client knows us just as well. We provide education and reduce any confusion the client may have about their coverage.

We also provide continued support for our clients. We even sit down with clients to talk over insurance plans that the client may not have bought through us. Since we are not focused on numbers and sales quotas, but rather education and positive experience, we take pride to make sure our clients are as educated about various plans as possible.

We bring accessibility. We meet you wherever it’s most convenient for you, whether that is at our office, your office, your home, assisted living facilities or a coffee shop. We are here to make your life easier.

Last but not least, we bring integrity.

What Can You Expect?

The first meeting, which is typically 1 to 1.5 hours long, is centered on education and discovery. We want the potential client to learn about us, and we want to learn about the potential client. After the initial meeting, we spend time searching for customized solutions that would meet the potential client’s needs, which we will present during the next meeting. There is no pressure for the potential client to sign with us. They only sign if they are happy with the solutions we provide and want to take the next step.

If more meetings are needed to make the potential client feel comfortable with us and understand our solutions, we are more than happy to continue talking and educating. We love the insurance business, we live, eat, and breathe insurance and want to ensure that our clients know exactly what they are getting.